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Russula silvicola : Red Russula Mushroom

apologies for I have not done my chemical analysis on this one to get it correct, but all listed species below are very similar :)

Without a chemical test, these mushrooms are virtually indistinguishable from one another! Russula silvicola, Russula rosea, Russula cremoricolor, Russula sanguinaria, Russula emetica, and the list goes on!! Either way, they are inedible for many individuals and they have a whopping bitterness and acrid taste to them which is sure to make you spit instead of swallow... It'll take a long time to get all these Red Russula figured out :)

Also See Similar:
Russula emetica (european naming)?
Russula paludosa (pale pink cap & peat moss)
Russula cremoricolor (west coast coniferous forests)                   North American version of emetica
Russula sanguinaria (red stemmed and cap)                     
Russula nobilis (beechwood sickner)



Kingdom : Fungi
Division : Basidiomycota
Class : Agaricomycetes
Order : Russulas
Family : Russulaceae
Genus : Russula
Species :
Russula silvicola :                                             Red Russula Mushroom (close to R. emetica and R. nobilis)

Where to Find This Mushroom in the Wild?

See other Russula mushrooms. Spread throughout the woods where they prefer coniferous treas. This mushroom seems to be the eastern half of the United States mushroom. A bit confusing. More research still needing to be done.

Russula cremicolor is western cost , silvicola is the eastern cost version. In fact, the Russula silvicola, cremicolor, and even the emetica are all thought to be synonyms for one another. With virtually no distinctions besides location of growth. 



Description of the Mushroom

Cap: reddish / pink in color growing to around 2-3 inches in diameter. Often starts more convex at a younger age and becoming depressed with age (as most of us are)
Stem / Stipe: Often bare and at times slight colorations of pink. 
Gills: adnexed and white in color. Very close to each other and white / cream color. 
Hymenium: adnexed
Spore Print: White in color
Ecology:  ectomycohrrizal
Edibility: Not recommended, makes some people sick if not prepared properly. Check for acrid flavor when testing flavor. 


Interesting Facts

Russula is a big confusing but beautiful looking Genus of mushrooms. Take care when searching for these and don't eat them raw in the wilderness. Proper identification must be taken on these mushrooms or you may get very sick. 

Edibility / Recipes

Not recommended. 


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