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Russula paludosa : pink cap and sphagnum

apologies for I have not done my chemical analysis on this one to get it correct, but all listed species below are very similar :)


Without a chemical test, these mushrooms are virtually indistinguishable from one another! Russula silvicola, Russula rosea, Russula cremoricolor, Russula sanguinaria, Russula emetica, and the list goes on!! Either way, they are inedible for many individuals and they have a whopping bitterness and acrid taste to them which is sure to make you spit instead of swallow... It'll take a long time to get all these Red Russula figured out :)

Also See Similar:
Russula emetica (european look alike poisonous)?
Russula sanguinaria (red stem and red cap)
Russula cremoricolor (west coast coniferous forests)                   North American version of emetica
Russula silvicola (michigan to east coast)                                     North American version of emetica 



Kingdom : Fungi
Division : Basidiomycota
Class : Agaricomycetes
Order : Russulas
Family : Russulaceae
Genus : Russula
Species :
Russula paludosa :                                             Light Pink Cap & Sphagnum moss Russula Mushroom

Where to Find This Mushroom in the Wild?

This mushroom will grow in very similar areas to its close relatives in the fungi world like Russula sanguinaria. These little ones prefer to grow in a bit more moist soil in our area of Michigan as these are known to tuck themselves away into a bat of moss like sphagnum


Description of the Mushroom

Cap: convex in shape and lighter red in color compared to other Russula species
Stem / Stipe: bare, white to cream in color. 
Gills: on hymenium and crowded together. Will get more yellow in color as Russula paludosa ages. Often adnexed with very very thin. 
Hymenium: decurrent 
Spore Print: Color described as ochre (light brown / yellow) looks like color of Clay. 
Ecology:  ectomycorrhizal with coniferous trees and prefers locations with moss


Interesting Facts

Very popular edible mushroom in Finland across markets. 

Edibility / Recipes

Yes this is edible, but don't confuse it with the poisonous Russula emetica! One is edible and the other will upset your stomach for a while as the emetica mushroom is also referred to as the vomitting russula. hahaha. Best way to recognize the difference of these look alikes is tasting a very small amount of the mushroom. Taste and Spit... (that's what she said) 

The more bitter and spicy the mushroom is, the least likely you should consume it! If your taste palate is all messed up and your spicy levels are warped, maybe have someone else test the taste haha.



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