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When do you ship your items and how long should it take?

we pack and ship our products by USPS Ground Parcel or by UPS Ground. Shipments take usually 1-2 business days to get sent and then should arrive within 7 business days!

Should I unwrap and unbox right away?

YES! Once our package has gotten to you (especially our grain spawn products) it is best to open the package and unwrap the bags! keeping them as sterile as possible and placing them into a clean area where the bags have the ability to breathe out any excess moisture that may have been trapped in there.

I got contaminated products, can I get a refund or replacement?

YES! We offer refunds on all items if the mistake is undoubtedly due to us, FREE REPLACEMENTS with no extra cost to you can also be made. Just need proof and that's about it. Send us an email and we'll see if your order qualifies!

Do you have cheaper and bulk options available?

YES! Shipments on our bulk items may take an extra 24 hours to be processed by the team. Check out the wholesale section on our website as it gets updated with more products over time.

I'm a small mushroom growing company, can we work together for the best prices?

Of course, email our team and we would love to work with other mushroom companies to be your best supplier. Whether it's bulk organic rye grain or substrate, let us be your go to option.


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