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Lycoperdon pyriforme : Pear Shaped Puffball
"Apioperdon pyriforme" - another classification of this mushroom as of 2017 and is the only species in Apioperdon... Lycoperdon being the more common naming from research.

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Kingdom : Fungi
Division : Basidiomycota
Class : Agaricomycetes
Order : Agaricales
Family : Lycoperdaceae
Genus :
Lycoperdones / Apioperdon
Species : Lycoperdon pyriforme / Apioperdon pyriforme                             Pear Shaped Puffball Mushroom

Where to Find This Mushroom in the Wild?

With these delicious puffballs being saprotrophic, make sure to check any stumps or rotting wood or downed trees. Downed deciduous and coniferous trees are up for grabs. By us, these gorgeous and amazing pear shaped puffballs (Apioperdon pyriforme) thrive in a few sections of our woods growing in massive clusters in mid to late fall time. 


Description of the Mushroom

Cap: not applicable - has what is called a Gleba - surface area covered in little white horns when younger and dissapearing with age. Light tan to brownish in color and 
Gleba: Fleshy spore bearing innner mass of the puffball. White in color at younger age and getting more yellow to olive green / brown rot with age. Check video below!
Stem / Stipe: not applicable
Hymenium: not applicable
Spore Print: brownish in color
Ecology:  saprotophic, thrives on logs, stumps, and downed trees (not specific to deciduous or coniferous)
Edibility: YES, Choice edible and delicious from my experiences



Interesting Facts

Lycoperdon stands for Wolf - Fart in Latin. This comes from how puffballs explode and burst (fart) open if given a squeeze and they are ready to release some spores. Give em a squeeze and hear a silent but deadly fart spray from these bastards. Don't breathe in the spores and get sick though! Fry these up and enjoy!

Edibility / Recipes

YES! Choice edible, only if flesh is all white! I personally love cleaning these up and frying them after coating them in a spicy batter mix. Vegetarian chicken nuggets pretty much :)


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