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Introducing Chungies Organic Farms' Rye Berry Grain Bags – Your Hassle-Free Solution for Mushroom Cultivation!


No spores or liquid culture included, syringes are empty


Embark on your mushroom cultivation journey with confidence! Order your Rye Berry Grain Bags from Chungies Organic Farms today and experience the joy of growing healthy, flavorful mushrooms effortlessly!

PREMIUM Rye Grain Bag Mushroom Growing Kit | Grain Spawn Bag | 0.2um filter

PriceFrom $20.95
  • A full prep video can be found Here on our Youtube Channel

    • Pre soak for 24 hours with added ingredients
    • boil for roughly 20 minutes (soft insides) non mushy
    • Strain and dry properly
    • bag up to X weight and Pressure Cook for 90+ minutes , 15PSI
    • Impulse seal once cooled multiple times, kep in cool dark area for storage.
    • Can be kept good for 3-6 months on a shelf from experience, but best to use within a week or two before the grain starts drying too much.


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