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Introducing Chungies Organic Farms' Rye Berry Grain Bags – Your Hassle-Free Solution for Mushroom Cultivation!

Our carefully curated 3-pound bags are filled with nutrient-enhanced, organic, rye berries. Pressure cooked for over 2 hours at more than 15+psi.

Whether you're looking to use them as a substrate for specific mushroom varieties or as grain spawn (at a recommended ratio of 1lb to 3-4 lbs of substrate), our bags guarantee a seamless and successful cultivation process.

Packaged in a sealed myco/grow bag equipped with a .2-micron filter patch for optimal gas exchange, each 1lb bag contains approximately 24 FL oz. volume, equivalent to 3-4 ½ pint jars. Rest assured, our bags arrive 100% clean and ready for inoculation with your preferred mushroom spores or culture. Notably, our bags feature a built-in injection port for added convenience during the inoculation process.

Why choose Chungies Organic Farms' Rye Berry Grain Bags? Premium Quality Ingredients: From the bags to the grains, we source only the best and most reliable materials available in the market. Foolproof Clean Process: Our bags undergo a meticulous step-by-step process, including soaking, boiling, Pressure cooking, and storage, ensuring the highest quality for your mushroom cultivation.

Injection Port for Ease:

Yes, these bags come with a built-in injection port, streamlining the inoculation process.

User-Friendly and Reliable: Whether you're a novice or a seasoned grower, our bags are designed for easy use and require minimal maintenance. Perfect for both personal and commercial cultivation.

Additional Ingredients for Enhanced Growth:

Molasses: Rich in nutrients, including sugars and minerals, molasses flakes provide a vital energy source for mushroom mycelium, promoting faster growth and colonization.

Gypsum: A mineral known for providing essential calcium and sulfur,gypsum improves substrate texture and structure, facilitating optimal mycelium growth.

Vermiculite: Enhances moisture retention, aeration, and pH balance, contributing to improved mushroom yield

Each bag is vacuum sealed, heat-sealed, and taped for freshness, and our ingredients are carefully balanced to create the perfect environment for your mushrooms.

Embark on your mushroom cultivation journey with confidence! Order your Rye Berry Grain Bags from Chungies Organic Farms today and experience the joy of growing healthy, flavorful mushrooms effortlessly!

(3LB) Rye Grain Bag for Mushroom Growing | Rye Grain Substrate | 0.2um filter

PriceFrom $15.95
  • Molasses: rich in nutrients, including sugars, minerals, and trace elements. When added to grain spawn, it can provide a source of energy for the mushroom mycelium, helping it to grow and colonize the grain more quickly. Additionally, molasses can help to lower the pH of the grain spawn, making it less hospitable to harmful bacteria and fungi.

    Gypsum: Gypsum is a mineral that is commonly used in mushroom growing to provide calcium and sulfur, which are essential nutrients for mushroom growth. Gypsum can also help to improve the texture and structure of the substrate, making it easier for the mushroom mycelium to grow and colonize.

    Vermiculite: As mentioned earlier, vermiculite can help to improve the moisture, aeration, and pH balance of the substrate or grain spawn, leading to better mushroom yields and a reduced risk of contamination.

    Overall, these ingredients can be beneficial for grain spawn, as they can provide essential nutrients, improve texture and structure, and help to reduce the risk of contamination. However, it's important to note that the amounts and ratios of these ingredients should be carefully balanced to ensure optimal growth conditions for the specific mushroom species being grown.


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