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Looking for a premium-quality corn to enhance your mushroom cultivation experience? Look no further than our locally sourced Premium Corn.

We've teamed up with a trusted local farmer to offer you the freshest and cleanest corn available. Each bag contains 5lbs of dry, pure corn kernels, packaged to maintain their freshness and quality. And with two bags included in this deal, you'll have 10lbs of top-notch grain spawn to work with!

Our premium corn has not been treated with any harmful chemicals or additives like fungicides, Gypsum, Vermiculite, or Molasses. You can trust that you're getting a pure, natural product that's ideal for mushroom cultivation.

To prepare your corn for use in mushroom cultivation, simply cut open the bag and follow the proper preparation instructions. You'll find plenty of helpful tips and tricks on our website to ensure you get the most out of your grain spawn.

Plus, be sure to check out our website for even more offers and deals from our team. With bulk pricing options coming soon, you won't find a better deal on high-quality corn for your mushroom growing needs anywhere else!

Don't miss out on this unbeatable deal. Order now and start growing the best mushrooms you've ever tasted with our premium corn!

Premium Whole Corn - Mushroom Growing Grain Spawn - Animal Feed Whole Corn

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