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Gifting Cannabis: The Proper Way to Gift FREE Cannabis to Another

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Something a lot of cannabis lovers/growers dream of is becoming their own cannaprenuer. However, the legality and regulations behind legal marijuana cultivation and growing and research adds a ton of costs and issues that you may not realize at first! I'm talking like it possibly costing $100,000 or more to get started... We do realize that many at home growers don't follow all the rules (as they shouldn't) and rightfully so.

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Obviously, if the law pertains to you more specifically, then it may be best to abide by those... Example, growing outdoor, you need to have the plants locked up in a fenced in / secured grow area with it being completely out of site from others and the fences must be bolted into place.


With this above example... If you don't have any neighbors nearby I'm not sure if law enforcement will not care as much.

This isn't saying all regulations with cannabis is bad! There are still locations where cannabis isn't allowed like schools and public parks (That's a good thing). Making sure large cannabis cultivators aren't selling tampered goods like K2 / Spice. Also, being respectful of others who may not partake in cannabis consumption is the polite thing to do. If you do want to consume while in public, then take edibles before hand or use a cartridge and stay sneaky with it. Not advice though, just don't be dumb.

Finally, even though the law may have some irregularities and lack of clarity, research and more info on things like Delta-8 , THC-O, CBG and CBDV forms of hemp and cannabis remains important to the health of a lot of improperly educated first time users. Small time growers going into some complex chemical work to get you a borderline psychedelics joint is something 99.999% of people should avoid. Being safe is the most important part here, which is why some may be reluctant to even be gifted weed unless they absolutely trust the source.


Well folks, looks like here's a few things you should know:

If you're growing cannabis at your own house (legal in your state and gifting it is legal) then you should have no problem giving, let's say a friend, up to X amount (*ounces) of cannabis. Here in Michigan the limit is no more than 2.5 ounces can be gifted at one time.

it must be a bona fide gift

No money, no favors, no kickbacks, NOTHING!

Now obviously individuals and companies are easily finding their way around this law / loophole. A loophole you ask? Well yes and no, really think about it! Let's say I grow the legal amount of plants and I realize my harvest amount is going to be too much to legally hold, so I want to gift it away to my friends and family because it's a very nice thing to do. Maybe even gift some to strangers just because I feel like it and don't want nothing in return. That's all fine right there, however, what's to stop those people from let's say shopping at my store in the future? Who's to say the law won't see this and make the idiotic assumption that they are "paying me back" in this type of way.

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Soooo, is it a gift? Or is it not a gift? For myself, anything I / we give away as a gift is not at all expected to get a return payment of any kind. Even supporting our store or purchasing merchandise from us will not be tolerated! If I give you a gift of weed, that is all it is.

To be honest, I'd love to be like the weed Santa Claus gifting the proper medicine to those who truly do need it.

Businesses Gifting Pot?!?

Yes yes there are plenty of businesses that gift marijuana and accessories for smoking to customers all the time. How can they do this though? Well, with this being a gray legal area, law enforcement doesn't really know how to handle it. A store owner (not the business itself) can give a random individual a gift of marijuana (without prior purchases or advertising it to the public)

Example: I gift my one best friend Kevin 2.5 ounces of cannabis because they are stressed from work, have a family gathering coming up, and because they are just very nice to me.

A month goes by, I run a sale for new sweatshirts on my stores website. My friend, Kevin, purchases 5 sweatshirts for their family and helping support my business.

The transaction and gift were not coinciding with one another! Kevin bought the sweatshirts but not for the free gift, that was given to them for a completely separate and not monetary/business purpose.

HOWEVER, If Kevin were to buy a single sweatshirt from my store that I had priced at $150, and he will for sure get a gift of weed from me for purchasing this... that is illegal / "illegal" primarily for guaranteeing weed for a purchase of an item. Yet this is what some companies will do in major cities and police really don't look into it too much. And I'll also mention that their will never not be a gray/black market for cannabis, not only since it is still illegal at a Federal level, but also too because of the lack of transparency and regulations that both state governments and dispensaries are dealing with.

Let's admit it, the regulations and increase prices are only hurting those who want to get into the business as small time growers. Cannabis businesses will slowly be bought up by Monopolistic companies



Can You Buy Weed Online Because of THIS??

no... not really. Even though that would be a very nice option to have, finding a company online who may sell cookies or merchandise for higher prices is not something we recommend or searching for. That would be a shame on you...

However, there are companies who sell some super super strong CBD and related edibles along with other forms of medicine that each person should indulge in if they would like to. We'll have more ways new types of medicine can keep your mind and body altered and improved!

I enjoy gifting cannabis legally to my friends and family when the time is right, and I'd love to spread that joy to more and more people! Just know shopping with Chungies Organic Farms you'll be in good hands! Check out our soon to be made ultra strength CBD or Mushroom treats!


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