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Get ready to sit back and relax when you pack a joint full of this Indica dominant, high yielding, and dense bud packing tastiness known as Bubba Kush! At around 18% THC on most Bubba Kush bud, this strain is perfect if you want a high that is more sedative and relaxing rather than a 'focused' high. Perfect for first time growers to add to their arsenal Easy to grow, train, and harvest! Check Terpene Profile for more information. 

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Information on Cannabis Strain


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Where to Get

Seeds for this specific strain grown can be found below.

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Chungies is researching breeding this strain and collecting seeds for souvenir purposes

Reviews and Thoughts While Growing

Video of growing and clips from youtube videos on the left. 

Video of taste/smoke review on the right here with thoughts. 


Checking out for the night with some Bubba Kush is a regular. Providing a good boost to pain relief, insomnia relief, and let that stress fuck off!

You can find my ass relaxing with my feet kicked up in a recliner listening to music and a smile constantly.

Seedling Stage

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Bubba Kush - Seedsman

Harvested the other day and she was chunky!! Will get a final weight on it soon enough. Beautiful bud structure and thicc with crystals! Overall a beautiful blend of colors and letting it get a bit colder (55’) in the tent last two weeks of flower gave this plant enough stress to let the colors pop!

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Light Bulb


Image by Adrien Olichon

Chungies utilizes a few seperate brands for lights in our tents. What began with one light from Phlizon has turned an assortment of more powerful wattage lights like Spider Farmer and Mars Hydro.

Check the lights coverage and and PAR range

Check them out HERE

Image by Avinash Kumar


Image by Adrien Olichon

Soil is a key ingredient to your plants having healthy growth from start to end. We love starting with a strong healthy soil from Fox Farm! With little to no added nutrients this soil is great from planting your seedling to flowering and harvest on most strains.


However, we love adding our own liquid fertilizers to the soil blends and revitalize the life back into the soil once the harvest is complete.

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Image by Adrien Olichon

Just like with soil, I've always trusted and have found no issues with Fox Farms Liquid Nutrient Soil trio whenever it gets used. a PH balance kit and CAL-MAG are always a great choice too for getting you higher quality water for your plants. 


Not just for cannabis plants either as these have helped both some cucumber and tomato plants of mine burst with growth

Liquid Texture


Image by Adrien Olichon

a 3x3  4x4  or 8x8  a grow tent size is important. But what's more important is the quality of the material. We've tested out multiple brands of tents. Our large tent is an 8x4 with CoolGrows.


Plenty of space and easy to clean and setup. Trust me, I set this up all by myself and only wanted to kill myself a few times.  

Paint Strokes


Image by Adrien Olichon

Extra accessories we recommend new growers to always keep around go as follows.

Extra fans for the tent

Air filtration machine for dust

Fabric Pots (5 gallon is my usual size)

humidifier / dehumidifier

warming pad for seedlings

automatic timers for equipment

insect repellents / organic methods

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